Customer Visit


Aug 15, 2019, customer from America is a very big customer, this time we used the best quality products let customer satisfy us.


May 5, 2019,


Sep 09, 2018, after visit ouf company and factory, they all agreed to work together with us.


July 2018, we invite our customers to have a dinner


Nov 13, 2017, customer from visit our factory


June 2017, we lead our customers to tour Suzhou Jinji Lake

Visit the factory

May 2016, we have a meeting to discussion during customers visiting factory.

Our Burden Workshop

May 2016, customers check our Burden Workshop during they visiting our factory.

Top 500 enterprises

May 2015, our customer from one of the top 500 enterprises inspects our factory.


April 2015, we visit our American customers


December 17, 2014, we visit our American customer who owns local famous drinking factory.


2014, Sanmik and Yasantha visit our factory

Expowest Exhibition

March 2013, we go to Expowest Exhibition and visit customers. Our customer uses our bottle to fill their drinks.

FHC Exhibition

2013, we meet our customers on Shanghai FHC Exhibition

South Africa

May 14, 2012, Jeanette from South Africa visits our factory

Iboya exhibition

2012, German trade show